Why Us?

Published on: 6th August, 2021

First, an ask: please excuse the audio quality, and focus on the content :)

Devon Bowker here, I wasn't originally going to post this. This was a recorded conversation that we had when talking about the reasons behind our upcoming series 'Us', an ongoing series examining our connections and impact on the environment, sustainability, and our changing climate.

Is it structured? Meh. Is the quality great? No. But this is a raw conversation from the heart exploring apathy, helplessness, and existential dread in the context of climate change, and most importantly, how we can flip the narrative to one of hope, community, and courage.

We appreciate you listening, would appreciate feedback, and appreciate you sticking around to see what the future holds for us and this series.

Thank you.

-Devon Bowker (Twitter: @devthenatureguy)

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