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17th Apr 2021

Poop Cubed with Patricia Yang

In this episode, we finally learn the answer to why wombats have cubed poop, learn how all of us mammals are bonded by our bowels, find out about something called the Law of Urination, and learn that we are in deep doo-doo as we discover the Global Feces Problem.

Patricia Yang is a postdoc in Civil and Environmental Engineering, where she is studying the collective behavior of birds. Before coming to Stanford, she completed doctoral and postdoctoral studies in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology on the fluid mechanics of body fluids, in particular, blood, feces, and urine. She received bachelor’s degrees in Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering (ESOE) and Physics from National Taiwan University.

Yang was the recipient of the Sigma Xi Best Thesis award and the Ig Nobel Prize in Physics. Her work has been featured on CNN, the BBCNational Public RadioNational Geographic, and The Times. In addition to conducting research, she teaches fluid mechanics at all levels, from elementary school to college.


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Patricia's book recommendation: How to Walk on Water and Climb up Walls

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