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17th Sep 2020

Behind the 𝗦𝗖i𝗘𝗡c𝗘𝗦 with Dr Diva Amon

Behind the SCiENcES with Dr Diva Amon

Let's get to know deep sea biologist, Dr Diva Amon

How long has she been interested in science?

What was her first real connection with nature?

Why the deep sea?

What advice would she give a younger version of herself?

No intros, outros, ads, or credits. Just 100% science!

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The Wild Life is a show by two brothers: one, a Minnesota science teacher with a background in wildlife biology; the other, a space science student in Texas. The Wild Life blends science, nature, and the human experience through storytelling and interviews with earths experts---with a few detours!
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