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1st Oct 2020

Behind the 𝗦𝗖i𝗘𝗡c𝗘𝗦 with The Nagging Naturalist, Kristen Mankowski

Tomorrow, we have an episode coming out in which The Nagging Naturalist herself, Kristen Mankowski, drops some major Nudibranch Knowledge on us.

BUT as two naturalist, we had a very hard time staying on topic. This...this is our ramblings. Think of it as an opportunity to get acquainted with Kristen before tomorrows episode! We talk the horribleness of naturalist uniforms at Target, Noodle Knockers, True Facts videos, Biomechanics, what makes good SciComm, and a bunch of other random stuff!

Check out her website and show!

Follow her on Twitter at both @nag_naturalist and @junglegymqueen

and tune in tomorrow to learn all about Nudibranchs!!!!

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