Bears with Brogan Holcombe

Published on: 23rd July, 2021

In this episode, Devon and Richard sit down with Brogan Holcombe to talk all about bears!


  • Bear encounter stories
  • Are all black bears black?
  • Black bear range in North America
  • How many species of bear
  • How large black bears get
  • Diet (through life and year)
  • Behavior
  • Hibernation 
  • Cubs (how many? How long do they stay with mom? Etc)
  • Interactions with people (becoming comfortable around people)
  • Mitigating issues and fostering coexistence 
  • Growler Bears
  • Brogans research

Brogan is a Master’s Student working in the Wildlife Habitat & Population Analysis Lab at Virginia Tech

She’s also the one behind #SundayScientistShoutout on Twitter which she does every week for scientists or STEM activists from underrepresented groups.

Follow Brogan @Brogan_Holcombe or look up her #bearseyeview for awesome bear videos!

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